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About the Author

Lightning on the Wave, also known by the nom de plume's Limyaael and Arin i Asolde, was an English graduate student studying for her Ph.d. In 2002, she created a Fictionpress account under the Limyaael name, and was a profic writer of original fantasy fiction stories.

In 2003, she decided to start expressing her views on fantasy literature and other topics, first on her Livejournal, and later in Insanejournal. For more on her different rants, please see Blog: Limyaael's Fantasy Rants.

In 2004, she had some issues with people plagarizing her work posted for Fictionpress and decided to give up posting there.

In 2005, she decided to tackle a major literary undertaking. As Lightning on the Wave, She started to write and post to Fanfiction.net, a Harry Potter Fanfiction story. The resulting story, The Sacrifice's Arc, is a major AU (Alternate Universe), comprising of 7 books, coming in at over 1,000,000 words.

In her own words;

I've finished a long AU series of HP fanfics, the Sacrifices Arc, seeing what happens when I change a few things from canon and follow the consequences of those changes as strictly as possible, while attempting to rework a few common clich├ęs (Slytherin!Harry, Harry and Draco as best friends becoming lovers, Harry having a twin sibling who is thought to have defeated Voldemort, and Snape as Harry's mentor). In particular, I was interested in watching what happens to Harry's psychology if it's the result of certain wartime decisions...and what happens when he finds out about those decisions. On the story front, I want to give the canon characters, and any OC's who appear, fuller and more rounded characterization than they usually get in a story like this.

I archived here (Skyehawke.com), on Fanfiction.net, and on my LJ. .PDF and .doc files of the completed stories are available on lightning.ffstories.net, thanks to the generosity of Therio and Teri R. There's a list of the OC's who matter most to the Arc at http://lightningwave.livejournal.com/98058.html.

A lot of people have asked me this, so I'll put the answer here in case anyone's interested in it: Yes, I did write this story as I went. I wrote a chapter a day, usually, though sometimes a short unnumbered chapter or a second one was posted on the same day. I had an outline, but a large part of the process has been working live without a net. I enjoy that, really. Those aren't inconsistencies, those are opportunities for character and plot development!

She started writing The Sacrifice's Arc in September of 2005 and posted the final chapter of the story in January of 2007.  While she was no longer writing stories, she did remain active in the online literary world of original fiction and fanfiction, including updating amd reformatting her earlier original stories for posting to this site.

Sometime in 2010, she completely disappeared from the Internet. It was mentioned  early in 2013 on her Facebook Fan page, that she is doing well. It was reported that while she does appreciate her fans and their support over the years, she has put her online literary life behind her.